December 30th, 2007

Request time!

so... because both me and my sister have a horrible imagination we'll leave that part up to you.

As to celebrate the 50+ members (by now one short of sixty xD) The first 15 people to reply on this post will get to request an Icon, a header, a wallpaper or a profile layout of a fandom of their choice.

15 requests have been made: This post is now closed.

(and, because this is a member count celebration, you have to be a community member to join in this one ^^ )

so reply quickly if you want that chance ;)

tell us:

What you want: (icon, header, wallpaper, profile layout)
Size: (when header how wide, when wallpaper, screenresolution!!)
Fandom: (can be whatever fandom you wish it to be, even stock if you want)
Text: (do you want your (user)name on it, nothing at all... whatever! your wish is our command xD)
Image: (this one is't mandatory but if you have an image you really want something of and just can't do it yourself it would come in handy because we won't have to look for something ourselves ;) )
Extra: Anything else you want? say it here xD