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19 August 2008 @ 11:06
S2 Flexisquares; Turning the pages layouts vers; 1 + 2  
This time I'm sharing 2 layouts! They're roughly the same... but not exactly xD;

Tiny usericons in the preview images were made by minty_peach and are NOT included in the coding or the live previews
they can be found here if you want to add them yourself.

Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Best view: 1024x768 and up
Browser(s) Compatible: (tested in) Firefox and IE
Work with Nav bar?: yes
Work with Ads? Horizontal ones
Sidebar? Yes.
Credit: isis_pro@ 5x5graphics @ profile page(userinfo)

how to install

- Go to customization page Shortcut
- Select the Flexible Squares layout
- Click button "Customize selected theme"
- Head to Customize CSS (Shortcut)
- Put all three dropboxes on NO
- copy and paste the overrides in the Custom stylesheet textarea

there's no header coming with this layout, but the coding for one is included. Recommended sizes are; 750px width; so it covers the entries. or 950px width, so it covers the entire layout feel free to add one of your own.

Version 1; borderless;

live preview; isis_testing02

Version 2; Bound;

Live preview; isis_testing
Preview image;

00 Please leave a comment
00 Credit me
00 Feel free to edit as long as you still follow the rule above
00 Don't repost edited or unedited layouts!
located: Home
Feeling: chipperchipper
Music: Candy feat.Mr.Blistah(DJ Mad reggaeton remix)
lifehandedmeroxlifehandedmerox on 21st August 2008 22:16 (UTC)
ah, this was just what I needed for my journal. Thank you so much!
Eyisilaeyisila on 22nd August 2008 00:34 (UTC)
So pretty! I'm using this in my journal. Thank you. :)
Oblivious Attraction, Yet I've Caught You Staring: coverlovelei on 22nd August 2008 02:20 (UTC)
These look great! Memmed it for future use. Thanks so much! :)
fdpufdpu on 22nd August 2008 05:15 (UTC)
I want try this for my journal, thank u
fan-tas-tic jana_nox! ♥ ha!: addiction // internetjana_nox on 28th August 2008 19:09 (UTC)
Thanks a lot. XDD
I don't stop in your tracks anymore:): petshop >3!schizomode on 5th September 2008 15:48 (UTC)
*version 2 bookmarked while i wait for you to finish this.
(and sry for the misunderstanding. It's "header", not "profile layout". heh.)

Thank you churning great stuff time and again:)
r_u_k_i_a_chan on 23rd October 2008 02:57 (UTC)
using, thanks!!

but, question: how do i get it to stretch to fill the entire screen? i want to keep where the userpics are, but i need to move the sidebar all the way to the right and the center to stretch. basically, i want to get rid or the extra space at the right.

can you help me??
ready_2_fly: ohno-noesready_2_fly on 19th January 2009 01:12 (UTC)
the second one is pretty ^.^
maybe i use it later...and i'll credit
peach_gerl16peach_gerl16 on 8th June 2009 06:07 (UTC)
i am taking..will credit
Mister Falconshinychopstick on 1st September 2009 21:35 (UTC)
Ah, they're nice. I think I'll use one (but not sure which yet). Will credit if I do. Thanks!
pqnoarashipqnoarashi on 28th October 2010 03:06 (UTC)
thankyouuu soo much!~~ ^ ^
iris48iris48 on 4th August 2011 11:51 (UTC)
Wahh! Pretty! Will credit if i use! :D