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200+ members

Thanks so much, all of you for joining 5x5graphics =D

To celebrate, I'll once again be doing a request post. Same rules as last time:

I will ONLY TAKE YOUR REQUEST WHEN YOU'RE EITHER A MEMBER OR A WATCHER! if you are neither your request WILL be ignored! (and yes, I WILL check)... sorry.

The first 20 people to reply on this post will get to request an Icon, a header, a wallpaper, a friends-only banner or a profile layout of a fandom of their choice.

I'll be doing layout requests aswell but under a different set of rules:
Only The First 2 to request a journal layout will have it granted. (it is always coupled with a header unless you say otherwise) I will ONLY do Flexible Squares layouts.
(2 requests were made)

So, tell me:

What you want: (icon, header, wallpaper, (profile/journal) layout)
Size: ( ONLY: when header how wide, when wallpaper, screen resolution!!)
Image: (this round this is mandatory: Give me a decent enough picture to work with otherwise I'll ask you for another...)
Text: (do you want your (user)name on it, nothing at all... whatever! your wish is my command xD)
Extra: Anything else you want? (like with a layout: any colour you'd prefer, etc...)

Warning: It might be a while before your request is granted, I have important tests this week and am doing this on borrowed time. ^^
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