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Christmas post PART 1!!

Hello Everyone.. And Merry Christmas!! =)

This is my Christmas Icon Post.
and because it's christmas i decided to do something special..
i.. made a challenge for myself. and the first part i succeeded
i wanted to make 100 icons in 2 days time.. christmas first en second day..
so i'm gonna post my first 50 icons here.. and you can expect another 50 tommorow.. (if i succeed that is..) cause tommorow is a busy day for me.. visiting family and all.. and having to work the next day.. but that doesn't matter.!! i'm gonna try..
anyways.. here are my first 50 icons!!:


01. 02. 03.

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and A personal Request..
I love making icons of the calenders:
News, Kat-tun, Arashi.. are my personal favorite
i haven't seen any previeuws for them yet..
but the moment that anyone has scanned them..
could anyone report to me?.. they're the best material ;)
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|| DBSG || Profile layouts

After an almost 4 month absence (Omg, I suck, I know) I'm back with... Profile layouts~! once again! xD;

anyway, this time it's dbsg only, cause the desk calendar scans/pictures killed me~

There's 4 layout versions, and 72~!!! possible headers. Hope you like them!

For those that are curious about why I didn't post anything; I found that pictures look differen on my laptop than they do on other devices, so it kinda discouraged me for while that something that might look good on my laptop, looked like complete crap somewhere else.

Profile Layouts;

|| 2 small ||
|| 2 large ||


|| 72 Dong Bang Shin Gi ||


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Credit is added in the coding, Do NOT remove
as always, feel free to edit and/or attach your own header
Save headers to your own server, Do NOT hotlink!
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Icons!! YaY!!

Hi Everyone..
So.. i checked.. and noticed that i haven't posted anything.. since may
Probably because my interest changed a little in that period.. i had work and school.. well anyways.. i'm back
I haven't made many yet.. cause i have to get used to Photoshop again..
But here's my new beginning


Shige Ryo Kat-tun

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[Graphics] Arashi, dbsg, kat-tun, news, stock

last time I posted icons was the 12th of July... way too long ago xD;
did some experimenting with textures on the JE icons... so some may look better then others... xD;

Hope you like them though... ^^;

76 icons;
15; Arashi
48; DBSG
06; kat-tun
07; NEWS

04 headers;
02; Dbsg
02; Stock

02 Fo Banners;
02; DBSG

03 Wallpapers 1440x900
01; Arashi
02; Shim Changmin

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S2 Flexisquares; Turning the pages layouts vers; 1 + 2

This time I'm sharing 2 layouts! They're roughly the same... but not exactly xD;

Tiny usericons in the preview images were made by minty_peach and are NOT included in the coding or the live previews
they can be found here if you want to add them yourself.

Layout Style: S2 Flexible Squares
Best view: 1024x768 and up
Browser(s) Compatible: (tested in) Firefox and IE
Work with Nav bar?: yes
Work with Ads? Horizontal ones
Sidebar? Yes.
Credit: isis_pro@ 5x5graphics @ profile page(userinfo)

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00 Please leave a comment
00 Credit me
00 Feel free to edit as long as you still follow the rule above
00 Don't repost edited or unedited layouts!
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{19} dbsg icons + new comm layout

Changed the community layout~!

5x5graphics, 5x5graphics, 5x5graphics, 5x5graphics

Click and see~! (/shameless self promotion)

My apologies for not posting for nearly a month! o.o; Work's been killing me and especially my creativity lost it on the first day and still not quite sure where I can find it again

so only a few icons to share this time i'm affraid ^^;;

[19] DBSG icons

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Profile Layout Mix and Match

30 headers + 13 profile layouts = nearly unlimited possibilities! Grab the header you like best and add the layout you like best to that, mix and match to your personal taste!

Seriously though, I think i went a tad bit overboard this time xD;; Hope you like it though! ♥

content of cut:

|| 05 || Arashi
|| 06 || NEWS
|| 07 || KAT-TUN
|| 01 || Koda Kumi
|| 06 || Anyband
|| 05 || DBSG

Profile layouts:
|| 09 || "horizontal"
|| 04 || "vertical"

Possible example:

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56 icons Arashi || Koda Kumi

The now High school graduate has returned! As you've probably all noticed xD;

To celebrate I'm handing out loads of stuff xD;
I may be posting more headers in the future, I've made loads throughout time and haven't posted the majority of them... I need to order them a bit first before bothering you guys with them though xD


|| 41 || Arashi (mostly Pika**nchi Double)
|| 15 || Koda Kumi


|| 01 || Arashi
|| 01 || DBSG
|| 03 || Koda Kumi
|| 01 || Big Bang - TOP


|| 01 || Aiba Masaki

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