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14 December 2008 @ 19:24
|| DBSG || Profile layouts  
After an almost 4 month absence (Omg, I suck, I know) I'm back with... Profile layouts~! once again! xD;

anyway, this time it's dbsg only, cause the desk calendar scans/pictures killed me~

There's 4 layout versions, and 72~!!! possible headers. Hope you like them!

For those that are curious about why I didn't post anything; I found that pictures look differen on my laptop than they do on other devices, so it kinda discouraged me for while that something that might look good on my laptop, looked like complete crap somewhere else.

Profile Layouts;

|| 2 small ||
|| 2 large ||


|| 72 Dong Bang Shin Gi ||


Version 1 & 2;

Version 3 & 4;

Possible Headers; (when wanting to attach your own header, size used is 175px X 175px)


Credit is added in the coding, Do NOT remove
as always, feel free to edit and/or attach your own header
Save headers to your own server, Do NOT hotlink!
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stupid is as stupid does。: ho.kiibou on 14th December 2008 19:27 (UTC)
these are adorable! :) saving, for later. thank you :))
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:36 (UTC)
Thank you~! I'm glad you like them! ^^

stolen my soul, stolen my ♥rissytastik on 14th December 2008 19:29 (UTC)
on nom nom nom nom
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:37 (UTC)
Glad you like 'em ^^

(Deleted comment)
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:37 (UTC)
m0t0k0m0t0k0 on 14th December 2008 20:26 (UTC)
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:37 (UTC)
glad you like it ^^
►laugh until you cry; cry until you laugh: Minmustenentwined3 on 14th December 2008 21:16 (UTC)
ngh gorgeous *_* snagging for future use, thank you &hearts welcome back, btw, and don't worry, I always love your graphics :)
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:38 (UTC)
Thankyou~ I'm glad you like em! *tackleglomps* ♥
keikkkeikk on 14th December 2008 21:56 (UTC)
oooo thank you so much for sharing!
( & lovely pics naturally~) will be using the last one later on, and will credit!
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:39 (UTC)
I'm glad you like it~! =D

Thanks~! ^^
fairytokyo on 14th December 2008 22:07 (UTC)
Oh so lovely ♡
isis_pro on 14th December 2008 22:39 (UTC)
Glad you like them! =D
chiclets72: this lovechiclets72 on 14th December 2008 23:33 (UTC)
thankums!! xD
isis_pro on 15th December 2008 09:17 (UTC)
Glad you like it~
아만다 ★manaftw on 15th December 2008 00:17 (UTC)
ahh beautiful ^_^
snagged :D
isis_pro on 15th December 2008 09:16 (UTC)
thanks! i'm glad you like it ^^
vwingedcheesenip on 15th December 2008 03:15 (UTC)
These are awesome! Thanks for sharing.
isis_pro on 15th December 2008 09:17 (UTC)
Thank you~! I'm glad you like it! ^^
fumaru_kurasuke: Kusanofumaru_kurasuke on 15th December 2008 06:25 (UTC)
*-* they're so cuteeee :D
thanks for sharing!
//snagged 8d
isis_pro on 15th December 2008 09:18 (UTC)
Thanks!!! =D

I'm glad you like it ^^
rhapsodygunshot on 15th December 2008 08:23 (UTC)
saving <3
isis_pro on 15th December 2008 09:18 (UTC)
Glad you like it ^^ ♥
sheila kyuchangrose_changmin on 16th December 2008 04:16 (UTC)
i want to change my layout...but i dunno how...care to teach?....im new...
isis_pro on 16th December 2008 08:16 (UTC)
Of course I don't mind teaching. xD
I knew i'd forgotten something! (I normally put up a small installation tutorial when I post things like this... ^^; )

anyway, here you go;

Copy the code given in the box below the preview. Then paste it in wordpad and delete the Latin text, replacing them with the text you want it to contain. You can also replace the www.emtylink.com by a link of your choice.

replace HEADER IMAGE HERE by the link of the header you want

go to www.livejournal.com/manage/profile

copy and paste the entire code into your bio.


I hope that makes enough sense ^^; just ask me again if you don't get something and I'll be happy to explain ^^
sheila kyuchangrose_changmin on 16th December 2008 08:27 (UTC)
chocotwinkie on 5th February 2009 22:08 (UTC)
Omg, I love these headers!

Im like, extreeeemly new to livejournal, and whenever I try to use the layout, it just goes into my bio page, not my profile itself (if that makes any sense)

Do you know what Im doing wrong?
YxYxY:3Yyunravensyen on 16th December 2008 14:16 (UTC)
Awesome !!! <3 Love it.
Thanks for sharing... changing my profile soon.
Thanks again. =)
babuwabu: Greeting the Sidewalkbabuwabu on 17th December 2008 04:52 (UTC)
sa-weet!! woo love it, and taking!

Sankyu <3
cecilysehcee on 3rd January 2009 09:11 (UTC)
thankyou! taking!
changed it a teeny bit.
400fti400fti on 4th January 2009 11:42 (UTC)
I took many!!! thanks :)
mihsayam on 18th February 2009 16:17 (UTC)
these are gorgeous. :D

i got it. thanks. <3
jordaduno on 20th February 2009 09:07 (UTC)
I LOVE YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! I am so using these ... YUNHOOO ! <3 Will credit thanks babe.
Hmomo: Hero backhmomo on 15th April 2009 20:19 (UTC)
So cute!!!! ♥
Taking version 2 and some headers :)
P-chyarwen_fefalas on 2nd June 2009 14:52 (UTC)
I took this out...thanks so much!!!
Livvy εïз: JaeHo wutlivvyxo on 10th June 2009 21:35 (UTC)


I'm speechless.
Where the hell have you been all my lj-life.
♥: Yoochun is goodje_mina on 17th July 2009 20:46 (UTC)
seriously those are so~ adorable. XD
taking a bunch! ^^
Mister Falconshinychopstick on 1st September 2009 22:24 (UTC)
these are awesome! :D
Using, thanks!
iza_sayu: tvxqiza_sayu on 9th December 2009 04:20 (UTC)
the pics are all so cutee <3
snagged! >D
Sanna: YB/Jeremy: heartvaa_kutin on 9th January 2010 14:58 (UTC)
Cute. :D Snaggin~
summerbubble on 14th March 2010 12:01 (UTC)
sooo fcuking cute
taking some <333